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Among the Loop Srl activities, the main role is the development of innovative and exclusive ideas which comes from the fervent and bright mind of Gianni Conti, partner of the company, who has built up an important and considerable wealth of experience and first level know-how within this business field.

Gianni Conti has grown up and has lived for over 50 years among the socks business field and he has given an important contribute during the past 40 years, in a dedicated way, to the development of exclusive and innovative projects.

During these years, he focused on innovative, clever and easy solution for closing automatically the toe of the socks, first with the seam and afterward mostly with the “Rimaglio” solution.

Starting from the inventive power and the great ability of Gianni Conti, combined with the desire to search of clever solutions, improved answers and technological innovation to be offered within the market, the typical good will of Massimo Venni, the Loop Srl had the intuition and the idea to develop an answer, not available until today on the worldwide market, a simple and cheap, but at the same time committable and easily adaptable to all electronic brand new socks machines, which is the Loop by Loop “Rimaglio” of the toe of the socks, directly integrated on the socks machine.

The basis of the “Loop by Loop” linking solution is a patented system born from the winning combination of the two huge experiences of Gianni Conti and Massimo Venni, therefore it encloses within its distinctions both technological innovation and the answer to the needs of the market.

“Loop by loop” system is the cheapest and the simplest existing solution available these days on the market. It has very low maintenance costs, without any loss of production, it is easily manageable also by middle level technical staff and does not need specialized people, therefore it can be easily handled by companies from all over the world. Importantly it does not affect the efficiency and the performance of the sock machines.

For Loop Srl this important goal is not the arrival, but it is only the starting point to keep on developing ideas and the modulated answers to this constantly changing business field.

LbyL – Global Patent No.49458 – PCT/IB2020/052639


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